We're proud to announce a great collaboration on Hereismydata with Philips and Salesforce.com

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Insight in your own health.

With Hereismydata™ you can cope with the patchwork of data about your health that is divided among healthcare organisations. By connecting those sources into one 'dashboard' that YOU control, you will gain insights that can help you manage your own health. By adding your own data from devices like activity trackers, weighing scales and apps you will have a better understanding about your own health.

You are in charge on sharing your data.

Share data about your health and wellbeing with your spouse, family or informal care. Send it to another provider, start the conversation on your personal data en see how your lifestyle matches your goals. You decide who has access to your data.

Improve your health and wellbeing.

Use your data to take better decisions on your own behalf. Share a specific data set with your personal trainer or fitness instructor to create a tailored plan or bring this data into the consultation-office of the doctor or nurse to support the right decision.

One platform for all your data on your health and wellbeing.

We at Hereismydata™ are creating a one-stop-and-go place to store your data. Secure, robust and with you in control. Connecting apps and devices, creating clinical modules with Philips, connecting services like Apple Health, Google Fit and back and forth EMR's will help to create insight in the patchwork of data out there.

Healthdata is about your life, that's why we believe that you decide who is allowed to see this data.

YOU are in charge!

We at Hereismydata™ think this is your data and next to having a copy of it, you should be able to share it with who's important to you in this.

Hereismydata™ helps you gain insights in your complete health, share data with friends family and caregivers and helps you use this data to improve your health and care.

Improve insight and context.

Use your data to improve your wellbeing, to talk about with your family ad healthcare-providers.